Color Changing Wreaths


Color changing wreaths changes three white wreaths into three colored ones, then they become a big tri colored wreath!

I love this flashy, colorful trick! Show three all white feather wreaths. Place one white wreath into the cloth bag, put a RED silk through the hole and out comes a RED WREATH. Repeat with two more whites, using a yellow silk then a blue silk, to change the next two wreaths to those colors. Finally, put all 3 colored wreaths inside the bag, wave the three silks over the bag, then pull all out. Apparently, nothing has happened. You toss the three wreaths into the air and visually they change into ONE LARGE 3-FT TRI-COLORED WREATH! Trick comes with 3 single 12″ white wreaths, 3 single 12″ colored ones, the large 3-ft wreath, cloth bag, 3 colored hanks, and instructions. Personally, I recommend replacing the three rayon hanks with 18″ silks. (Get a set of three 18″ wreath silks from us for just $10–available on this site).

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 1 in