Knots Off Silk by Dazzling Magic


Two knots tied into a silk are magically removed one at a time, then the silk is revealed to have two holes!

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Here’s a great way to add comedy to your silent routine, or works well with patter. Tie two knots in a 27” silk handkerchief. One by one, you grasp the knots and pull them off the silk! When the silk is opened out, there’s a big surprise as two holes are seen in the silk! You can follow this up with a dove production from the silk, a fire bowl production, or perhaps drop the silk and knots into a blendo bag and transform them into a large silk. Just use your imagination. We manufacture with our high quality silk with tiny flat hems, and our specially made knots that look like the real thing! Complete with Gene Elmo’s unique handling, written and DVD instruction, silk and gimmicks. Select from in stock colors: red, yellow, or hot pink. $45


Red, Yellow, Hot Pink

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