Pre-Owned Top Hat Drawer Box


Here’s a drawer box, shaped like a top hat. A great device for productions, vanishes, and especially changes.

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Here’s a unique piece of apparatus, based on the classic drawer box. In this effect a box (12” x 9” x 7”) is shown to the audience. The box is shaped like a Top Hat. The magi puts a white silk handkerchief into a special door on the top of the box. The box is slid open and the handkerchief is shown inside. The box is closed and when reopened a, the handkerchief is gone but in its place is a live bunny rabbit. The box can also be performed with one or two doves. You can also use a Rabbit Puppet or a box full of silks and production items.

OTHER IDEAS: Show the box empty. Place a large rabbit silk into the door on the top and change it to a live rabbit. Show the box empty. Place a large clown silk into the door on the top and change it to a clown doll or vent figure. Use the box as a drawer box and show it empty and then produce a variety of production items.
This item is pre-owned, but is in good condition. You might want to spray a little flat black paint inside the load chamber, although not really necessary, since it isn’t seen by the audience. New price is $169, take this pre-owned for just $69.

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 14 × 8 in