Silver Scepter


The silver scepter is the ultimate rising wand routine!

By far, this is my FAVORITE opening effect for children’s shows! Remove a silver magic wand from its carry bag. You polish it with a silk handkerchief (not included). Slowly, the wand rises up from the handkerchief. You push it down, and it rises again. Then you hold it sideways, and it moves horizontally into your ear. You push it back down into the bag, and it now rises from the bag. Every time you push it back, it rises again. You can even have it rise up into your nose! Finally, the bag flies high into the air, leaving you holding the wand!

This is a wonderful routine to use as an opener, and it really gets the kids laughing and smiling! A great icebreaker for the times you have an audience that seems a little shy or quiet. The kids will ask to see this over and over again! Only $10.

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